You are currently viewing Top Budtender Picks: Discover the Best at Orange County Cannabis Co.

Top Budtender Picks: Discover the Best at Orange County Cannabis Co.

Curious about what the experts at Orange County Cannabis Co. are recommending? Our knowledgeable budtenders have selected their top favorite products, and we’ve listed them here in no particular order. Each pick is top-notch, whether you’re looking for soothing flowers or energizing pre-rolls. Discover these highly recommended choices that guarantee quality, flavor, and the ultimate cannabis experience.

Our Budtenders Top Favorite Picks

1. Classic Strain: MFNY’s Gelato 41

  • Delight in the artisanal touch of MFNY’s Gelato 41 pre-rolls this season. Crafted with meticulous care from Hudson Valley, each pre-roll promises a potent and luxurious session, free from shake or trim.

2. Gas Pack: Electraleaf’s Air Force One Flower

  • Travel to a moment of balance and bliss with Electraleaf’s Air Force One Flower. Its buds are adorned with frosty purple hues and offer a light scent of earthy, diesel, and floral notes, making it a serene choice.

3. Juicy Bites: Chef for Higher Guava Jellies

  • Indulge in the tropical delight of Chef for Higher Guava Jellies. These vegan jellies are handcrafted in small batches, bursting with real fruit flavors and a gentle hint of fine distillate.

4. Preserved Terps: UrbanXtracts Pine Island Funk Concentrate

  • Experience the exceptional Pine Island Funk Concentrate, a premium cannabis product derived from single-source material, known for its smooth, chocolate-like smoke and distinctive aroma of Kush.

5. Floral Aroma: Nanticokes’s Lilac Diesel Flower

  • Enjoy the delightful combination of flavor, aroma, and effects with Nanticoke’s Lilac Diesel Flower, a balanced hybrid that offers a soothing and restful experience.

6. Sweet & Sour: Supernaturals Kiwi Lime Prerolls

  • Refresh yourself with Supernaturals Kiwi Lime Prerolls. This sativa hybrid, with its bright and energizing terpene profile, offers a delightful blend of sweet and sour notes.

Come on by and Explore!

Our budtenders at Orange County Cannabis Co. take pride in offering you the finest selections, each chosen for its quality, unique characteristics, and consistent customer satisfaction. These picks, presented in no specific order, are sure to enhance your cannabis experience.

Want to see our budtenders top picks in person? Visit Orange County Cannabis Co. today or browse our selection online. Elevate your cannabis journey with the best recommendations from those who know it best!

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